Friday, May 14, 2010

Reviews of "Robin Hood: The Film".


  1. Hey, I see no one's posted a review yet so I'll just post a brief one:
    Even though the new film set its story later than most of the Robin Hood tales- in the early days of King John- I very much enjoyed the premise and the nod to historical events. Many theories about Robin Hood say that it was just a title passed to a certain type of outlaw and that records of this name cross a long period of time. The Magna Carta was such an important document that was created by men that would have been viewed as rebellious, many of them were put in peril by this act. That environment seems the perfect petri dish for breeding a Robin Hood figure.
    Even though I think Russell Crowe's a jerk, he did well in the role, and Cate Blanchett was amazing as Lady Marian (not a maid, but a strong, mature woman). Robin's compatriot's were played well and the atmosphere of the film gave a good feel for the time. There were dirty peasants and everything.
    I would highly recommend it and will probably get the DVD. I went to see it with my father, two of my brothers and their girlfriends. Everyone really enjoyed it overall.

  2. Odessa,
    Thanks for the review! I have not seen it yet and feel very interested from your review.

  3. Hi there Odessa!

    VERY concise and factual review. I am gathering my thoughts on this well made film. The production values were superb, (as you might expect from Ridley Scott and company); and it DOES set an EXCELLENT prequel and explanation for the fact that late 12th and early 13th century England most definitely WAS a fertile "breeding ground" for this type of individual and the way he (and all who followed and fought beside him) literally changed the balance of power and the outcome of history down to this very day.

    Some of the vets haven't seen it due to being hospitalized, but the good folks of Mr. Scott's "Scott Free" production company know of The Warriors, and will get a special copy of the DVD out to us as soon as they can.

    In the meantime, we will be finishing up the final move into the quarters at the Long Beach VA in about 3 weeks; ( there's still some work to be done and the dust to be cleaned up, but its all coming along very nicely!) When the dust settles, (or hopefully a bit before?), I'll have time to post a nice "group review"

    (with a little "bits and pieces" of my own thrown in for good measure.);

    of Mr.'s Scott and Crowe's efforts to bring The Legend to life.

    Hi Swan, (Good to hear from you too!).

    (How's "Annie" coming along?)

  4. Great to hear that your move is coming along, so is the show. It is pretty much on schedule, though the advertising posters are a bit behind. I'll let you know when pictures are posted.

  5. Ah, also for a Ridely Scott film it wasn't excessively bloody. It found a nice middle ground between the sugar coated period films and the overly brutal variety.
    I'm sure the Warriors will love it- hope everything continues smoothly with your move, I moved myself this earlier this summer and quite dropped off the web for a while!

  6. Just checking in here folks.

    We've ordered the Robin Hood DVD for The Warriors and it should be coming forthwith in about a month or two.
    By then The Guys who were not able to see it in release in the theaters, (due to being in the hospital), will have finally seen it, and I can offer comments from EVERYONE.

    In the meantime, I'm still occupied with the moving of my office, and some of the new equipment into the newest wing of The Vets Hospital. But things should be settling down enough by the end of October for me to get my 2 cents worth out.