Friday, July 10, 2009

Operation La Din Aire

Members of BBCA sign in here with a greeting!


  1. sign in here to say hello. This way we will know who has found the site from the discussion group.

  2. Hello Jean!!

    Thank you sooo much for setting this up. As Robin would's always good to have a back-up plan!


  3. I am so happy this site is here to keep our "gang" alive.




    Can you guess who this is?


  5. Hi folks,

    Pokey here,


    it looks like our new Cyber Forest Home is beginning to catch on, no?

    What do you think of our little mascot?

    He came about because a very special bunch of contributors to our BBCA forum, (AKA: The Sherwood Warriors), thought that because our little guy would fly through anything (just to be with those he cared about), :
    that WE reminded them of HIM.

    I've always thought that was so very sweet of them AND that it also is VERY true of us too.

    So, everyone WELCOME to our new CFH!!

    And lets look forward to the new RH Book Club project in January '10,

    Parke Godwin's pre-quel to his "Sherwood" series,

    "Lord Of Sunset". We should start to discuss this one around the last Saturday in January.

    We'll also be discussing our last thoughts and feelings about our beloved tv RH, the latest progress on the Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe Robin Hood film, (due out this summer '10 I believe), the career progress of our great BBCA RH cast, and of course, the other wonderful books on our reading list.

    We will also have a quite a treat some time in the very near future:

    one of our RH Book Club authors would like to join us for a live blog as we discuss this author's works pertaining to RH and their other works, (past and future) as well.


  6. Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking forward to watching/reading/talking...and talking some more!

  7. Hello nice to be here....everyone needs a second home !!! :)

  8. So I'll hit ALL of them - Pokeygirl, who was/is the real Robin Hood ??? I'm STILL patiently waiting to know. Please end our suspense.

  9. I'm having a problem posting and having it accept my google signin.

    I can post on the general chat all right.

  10. I'm having a problem posting on Operation LaDinair, and having THAT google signin accept me

    I'm getting into THIS chat all right.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Okay, let's try this again.

    I found a version of the Jonas interview when he got mad about BBCA moving the last RH episode in the UK.

    I couldn't do it by eaddress - it only worked by websearch. "Jonas Armstrong - gossip headlines", opens up links - the bottom one, "Jonas says Robin Hood shouldn't be axed", click it and that opens the interview, with a great photo of him from S1. He has a nice slight smile, with the most mischievous look in his eyes (from the side).

  13. THis is kind of a place to check in from the flight from BBCA, so we know who is here. gailmaria51 - what do you mean you are having trouble posting on Operation LaDinair, but not here? Introductions to each person more thoroughly take place on the Introduction thread and any general questions can go on General Chat. Pay no attention to the above removal, it was just a test.

  14. Thanks for the gossip! I'll check into it. Could you paste this into the thread about Jonas? People who want to find out about him may look there first. I'm glad you told me you were having trouble posting, I changed the settings a bit.

  15. Swansong - I had the General Chat set up/registered, so my comments were publishing all right.

    Then, last night (or the day before) I found this addition to the site, so tried to post. For some reason, the Google account info wasn't being accepted in this comment area for awhile - and I'd just gotten out of the General Chat area. (I think I might have confused it, because I thought I was using the right password, but found out a couple seconds later that I'd been reading the one I use for another site. I have all my favorite sites (and other necessary ones) with their user names/passwords written on a sheet of paper so I can find them easy.

    But I gave it a break, coming back later re-tried it, and got in.

  16. Pokeygirl, I pm'ed you on the bbc rh site (I'm trying to make sure you get the pm, that's why I'm mentioning it here).

    You might find it interesting - it's about our JA/RA previous pm.

  17. Hey guys. Found this from bbca discusion boards and Gail Noon. Looking forward to chatting up robin hood!!!

  18. Again, I am so slow in getting around. LNspook here. Thanks you guys for setting this up.

    Right now I'm reading The Devil's Brood by Susan Kay Penman, the third in a trilogy of Henry and Eleanor of Acquitaine. This one sets up Richard the Lionheart to be king, and all of that which follows. Haven't run across a mention of Robin Hood just yet, but it may be there.

    I've read Robin and the King, but will have to go back and re-read so I can join the discussion. Have to say I loved that book on first reading and don't mind at all going back to it.

  19. I like that little photo of Robin leaning against the tree, arms crossed.

    I always loved the scenes when the camera shot would widen and you'd see Robin in the background leaning casually against the wall, tree, whatever, arms crossed, one leg casually crossing in front of the other - & he's just watching/listening to whatever's going on in the forefront of the scene.

  20. Thanks for the book alert Brandy. I added it to our long list of R.H. books. I hope to read it and perhaps we can have a future discussion on it as well.
    Gailmaira, I wished the picture was bigger, but we have to put up with the size that photobucket lets us use.

  21. That's okay, I don't care if the picture is tiny, long as I can see it.

    Jonas is devastatingly cute in his side-glances (with rare exception, his eyes are usually FULL of mischief, warmth, meaning, etc.).....

    that's why I copied the photo session picture of him on the set (from the bbc site), from S2, with the hood on his head, leaning on his bow - his head is turned to the side, but his eyes are side-glancing back towards whoever is taking the photo.

    WOOW !!! He looks SO cute in that one !!!

  22. Hi folks,

    Pokey here,

    Just checking in and wishing everyone a Great Holiday, (Merry/Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Blessed Ramadhan, and Happy Quanza); and of course, Happy 2010. (Promises to be a rough and tumble Year Of The Metal Tiger: But Hey, we're Robin Hood, ain't nothin we can't tackle together, right? Of course right!).

    Will be finishing up "Robin And The King" comments in a few days, and will then attempt to catch up on "Tuck" and "The Forest Wife...." trilogy;"Path Of The She-Wolf".

    And of course, the subject everyones' been patiently waiting forme to get to: The REAL Robin Hood. (I'll be working on THAT one simultaneously with the other book commentaries.)

    Also, go to the INTERNATIONAL trailer for the Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe RH film; its a REAL keeper!

    Luv Ya
    Hugs From The Warriors

  23. Hi y'all! Hope your holidays were good ones, whichever you choose to observe. May the new year be for bigger and better things.

    I've got a month off school, so I'm looking forward to catching up on reading some more and a few new art projects. Got a pair of white tigers to needlefelt, then I'm open. May just *have* to do something RH related. I love having nothing too pressing to worry about. Doesn't happen often!

  24. For any RH fans checking into here, I think something's going on with the BBCA site forum setup.

    I'm going to sit tight for a few days - in case they're renovating it......keep an eye on it.

  25. Did BBCA just take our forum away from us for good ??

    I had just finished a pm to pokeygirl, and was backing out of it when I lost the whole thing.....didn't even get to read the other two or three conversation threads before the Robin Hood forum was gone.

    Now when you click the "Forum" name, this total other page comes up, with "Robin Hood unavailable" at the top left corner.

    Is our forum now archived ???

  26. Hi there GM,

    Apparently NONE of the BBCA Chat Forums are unavailable at this time. The forums are being overhauled and upgraded throughout the holidays. I don't know when this process will be complete, but I would imagine that their staff is busily working on the project as these chat forums do keep TPTB (The Powers That Be) up to "snuff" on the thoughts and feelings of the fan; (thus providing the programing department with the vital data they need to meet fan expectations and program accordingly for the maximum profit for the network.)

    In short, GM, the fan forums are WAY too valuable to shut down for long. They'll be back up and running shortly, but with a whole new look, and a lot more user friendly.


  27. Oh good !!!! I'll keep checking in with the BBCA site for when it's returned to us :o}

    It IS rather nice to know we are providing such a valuable "service" that they are not only periodically updating the forum to keep the fans informed about their programming, but also continuing to provide us our communication link with each other.

    By the way, I think you meant "available"...where you said "none of the BBCA Chat Forums are unavailable at this time". (giggle, giggle)


  28. Hi folks,

    and thanks GM for catching that one for me!

    Just an update on the BBCA Chat Forum situation:

    One of the more tech savy of The Sherwood Warriors has done some research (via blog sites and other sources of cyber info) regarding the unavailability of the entire Chat Forum sits.

    Part of the reason for the cautionary stance taken by BBCA concerns the Wiki Leaks mess. BBCA Admin is vigilant in maintaining the security of their sites, (including, of course our Chat Forum site), and the recent cyber attacks related to Wiki Leaks have made it necessary to beef up the security on ALL of their sites. The sites linked in ANY WAY to Wiki are scrambling to extricate themselves from Wiki and protect the security of their various sites as well. Some of the BBCA site has been linked to Wiki and they are now working to remedy the situation.

    When this is over, we will have a nice, brand new, shiny Chat Forum.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Meantime, we have this site, and so many other marvelous sites as well, to indulge in our love of The Legend.


  29. Thanks for the info......but I'm hoping they don't insert such strong firewalls that logging in/doing pm's, etc., will get trickier.

  30. Hey GM,

    It may require that we re-register with new passwords, however, we just might have some rewards as well:

    rumor has it that for our greater efforts, (some of which might include observing the tighter restrictions), we could have a new system whereby we will be rewarded with points, prizes, contests, (for goodies, trips, perhaps even to Merrie Olde England?...etc.,,). On the realistic side, its going to provide TPTB the ability to track our movements, (just in case someone out there is from Wiki Leaks, etc.,) and seeks to comprise the integrity of BBCA's website. I know it sounds sad, but such are the times now brought upon us by Mr. La Sange,(our cyber Robin Hood?......).


  31. I wouldn't call him a "cyber Robin Hood"......he and Wiki Leaks may be exposing "hidden" things, but they are facts/discussion items that need to be kept secret for national security reasons.

    I can understand transparency regarding things that the people SHOULD know, but if it involves secrets our enemies could use against us, or could jeapordize our relations with other nations, I say it's best KEPT quiet.

    Although, I had to laugh a bit when - during Hillary's apology to some foreign dignatary (who had a rather bad remark made about him - revealed in the Wiki Leaks stuff) - the guy told Hillary, "Don't worry about it. You should hear what we say about you !"

  32. Hey there GM,

    I can certainly understand why Mr. LaSange's methods are, to say the least, "questionable", however, he has provided a valuable service:

    like 9-11, he has demonstrated the great need for cyber vigilance on the part of our government as well as our allies. 9-11 happened because of a MAJOR intelligence and communication failures across the board. We are in as great, (if not greater), danger in cyber space/virtual world, as in we are in the real one. Already China was able to launch an all out attack on Google in their country. Its only a matter of time before they, (or someone else), attempts a cyber attack on our military, banking, commercial, and infrastructure/water supply/transportation/railroads/food supply, etc.,etc.,etc.,.....
    The diplomatic community has long known what is said in private about them as individuals, (that's just part of the game in their profession, and they have a VERY well developed sense of humor about it, believe me GM, Haha). But in doing what he has done, J. LaSange, has put everyone on alert as to the dangerous consequences when those in power think themselves to be invulnerable; thus putting in jeapordy those they seek to protect.

    Robin Hood demonstrated that to the power structure of his day. There were plenty of folks back then, who questioned his methods, (Marian and Sir Edward come to mind in our BBCA series just as an immediate example); and there were those who would argue that he might even be something of a medival terrorist, using his ability to blend in with the country side around him, and striking out at will, offering his targets no warning or opportunity to strike back on a level playing field. But, he most certainly left a lasting legacy, and changed the balance of power for the better because he tested the powers that be and left them one heck of a "wake-up call".
    While J. LaSange might think himself to be a hero, we do not know, as yet, what his TRUE intentions are; but he has caused those in power to sit up and realize they've been put on notice that NONE of them are invulnerable, and they are indeed in a new age of communication where the old rules no longer apply.
    However, he might also have just provided that same power structure an immediate reason to SEVERELY restrict OUR access to free flow of information, goods, and services now provided by the internet; (our present communication difficulty with our old BBCA Chat Forum site is a primary example). We'll be up and running in a few weeks, BUT, you can be sure, there will be even greater vigilance on the part of TPTB/BBCA Admin to monitor the activity on the ENTIRE web site, not just the Chat Forums. On the bright side, we'll also have some nice fun and new things thrown in to make in all very worth while.

    Hugs from The Warriors

  33. Hey there GM,

    Don't know if my previous comments made it through, (apparently they were a bit too long?..)

    But to be shorter and more concise: while we do not know what J. LaSange's TRUE intentions are, he has provided the existing power structure an invaluable "wake-up call" and put them all on notice that a new age of communication has dawned and that the old rules no longer apply as they once had. 9-11 was the result of a MAJOR communication and security failure, and our entire infrastructure, (banking/transportation/water supply/electric grid, etc., etc., etc.,....) are ALL vulnerable to shut/melt down if those folks don't realize how easy it is for someone to get at their sensitive information.
    Like Robin Hood before him, J. LaSange has used questionable methods, (even RH was criticized by those of his day; Marian and Sir Edward for example), and struck out at his opponents at will, with no warning. But old RH managed to change the balance of power for the better. if those in power take this opportunity in hand, and change their way of doing things, then maybe this won't have been a waste.

    Hugs from The Warriors

  34. When you posted this last comment - you should've been able to see that your first version of it DID get all posted : 0 }

    Yeah, I know what you're fact, today on CNN (the little bit I got to see as today was a VERY busy day) LaSange was reported to be waiting to see what the U.S.'s reaction to the WikiLeaks documents release will be -- BECAUSE of what was leaked about us.

  35. Yep, December 14 was a very busy day for the cyber world. I'm not sure if the revenge cyber counter attack was such a good idea, but.....what's done is done and now we must move on. (BTW: I have been informed by one of The Warriors, who ironically shares the same sir name of Mr. Julian, that there are two ways to spell the family name; LaSange, and Assange. Apparently one is Old French (Assange), and the one I've been using is the Anglo/Norman spelling. The one that came into use after the Norman Conquest, (that was 935 years ago!; and its STILL being used after all this time). And I believe the man, (Julian) was born, or at least raised in Holland?

    Interesting stuff.....

    But, it remains to be seen if the US will be successful in extraditing him. He has a growing, (and POWERFUL), group of supporters, (both off and on line), who truly believe that they are literally fighting for freedom of speech, and free use of the internet. Either way, EVERYONE has been put on notice; "change or die"; (as Gordon Ramsey if fond telling his BBCA restaurant clientele, Haha). However, the admonition still holds; this needs to be taken seriously, no matter who you are, (or the social/political/financial position you hold), NO one is above the law; (something Mr. LaSange/Assange, or whatever spelling you prefer), may be about to find out. Even good old RH had to pay a VERY heavy price for his rebellion.

    One of the books that The Warriors and I have been currently reading, ("Falls The Shadow" by Sharon K. Penman; WONDERFUL author!); deals with a real historical person; Simon de Monfort. He was french born, married one of King John's daughters, (Eleanora; they called her Nell)and HE was quite the hero of his day and is remembered for risking his life, (and all those who followed him), stand for the amendments to Magna Carta: (known as The Provisions). Like RH, though he was from the noble classes, (he lived 1225-1265), he fought for freedom of choice for the common man as well as the nobility. Like our darlin Robin, he died a violent, martyr's death, and has a monument raised to him by no less than Winston Churchill; (in 1965, the 700th anniversary of his death); He is spoken of as the pioneer of representative government.

    Now, whether or not Mr. Julian is worthy of THAT kind of praise, or not, remains to be seen; but for the time being he, (and all who support him) have a made a lasting impression.


  36. I think this guy calls himself "Assange". I put "La Sange" in my last post because after seeing yours, I was thinking that that was the last name, but now that I read your new comment, I do believe Assange is it.

  37. Hi folks,

    Just an update on the BBCA Chat Forum situation:

    We will have another Forum, but it will be linked with The Blog site until they can come up with either the revenue to maintain a new one, or possibly attach the old one to an entirely new Blog site; (that way our various comments and postings while not lost, will be archived and available only for viewing). An entirely new forum site will be launched for the fans as soon as possible.

    Hugs from The Warriors

    Right now, they're a bit cash poor at BBCA, and if they are going to finance new shows, (like that new costume drama featuring the continuation of the RH legacy) then they will cut expenses where they must.

  38. Hi Team Outlaw! I hope I signed in correctly this time--I'm very challenged computer-wise!

    Thanks for the info, Pokeygirl, on what's going on with BBCA's chat forums. Is anyone else here as frustrated as I am? How long have the discussion boards been down, a couple of months or more? I've e-mailed them at least three times, hoping someone would put some sort of explanation on the site, to give us some hope, but all I ever get back is "Your comments are important to us, etc." Arrgghh!

    Enough belly-aching.It's just that we've lost touch with fellow fans in the meantime. Speaking of, I've got a friend in Colorado who I recently talked into watching the series. She loves it! She's only seen season 1 so far, and is re-watching that with her husband, but she loves the show. Sorry, Team Robin, but she's a Guy girl like me.

    Pokey, any comments on the silly re-write I sent out your way? People here keep asking me what you all thought of it, but I've had to tell them no, I've lost contact with the other fans! Hopefully this post will get through. And, perhaps soon, we'll all meet again at BBCA. Manxcatmom

  39. Hi, manxcatmom again. Just a test to see if I've got this posting business right.

  40. Hey, looks like I've got it! Spent two hours this afternoon pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

    Anyway, hello to everyone! While I've been waiting for BBCA's discussion board to come back on, I've been re-watching favorite episodes from all three seasons, and reading fan fiction. Anyone else?

  41. Let's see if I can do this again.

    Them putting the "Create a Blog" on the same page as the registration for this site seems to have complicated're not the only one who's had terrible problems with this thing now.

    Pokeygirl still comes here at times......she's also visiting Lady Kate's site (which is still easy to get into).

    Pokeygirl says that BBCA is hurting for money, & until they can cut some things out of their budget, and get our forum going again, they're going to keep us going with a blog attached to the BBCA RH site (I THINK that's what she means. [Our conversation is on Lady Kate's site, under The Village -- "To Pokeygirl"], if you want to find out about the details.)

  42. Okay !!! We're "back in business" again.

    I've never had problems posting until that "Blog" thing was recently added......Pokeygirl said she'd ask Swansong to check out what the problem was..........looks like they fixed whatever was the "hiccup".

  43. Hey there Wstring/
    AKA: Manxmom,

    How ya doin?

    SO very glad you found your way into our Book Club Site!
    It has been a rather frustrating and mysterious go these past two months with the BBCA Chat Forums being linked with the newer
    (and less expensive/because there is only one general site to maintain);
    blog sites. At present, anyone can create a blog site for any (approved/BBC/program) of their favorite topics. However, the massive amount of data posted on the older Chat Room Forums have been saved and will be available at a later time.

    Now.......on with the show...

    We still have our CFH here, and along with the other more traditionally structured sites, (such as the RH yuku Fan community); we are able to maintain contact with our RH fan community 'round the globe.
    The Warriors who have been re-deployed are finding it much easier to post on the BBC blog sites, (they can do it from their I/smart/blackberry/phones) but they have communicated that they miss the wonderful and longer posts possible through the older BBCA Chat site. the Guys here are experiencing no great difficulties, but they miss the older site as well.
    I hope we were able to assist you in your quest to log on (and STAY there, LOL), to our newer fan CFH's (Cyber Forest Homes); (kinda looks like we did?....)
    Don't worry Manxmom, your lovely story/re-write has made the rounds throughout the various vet hospitals (and even some of the overseas bases!), so while I will be posting my reaction/critique on both the yuku and this site, it will take a wee bit more time to get their various commentaries from the field. (Some of the UK Royal Marines are still in the process of preparing their departure from "the Stan" , as the soldiers are like to call it, so their postings will take a bit longer to make it to me over here so I can disseminate them PDQ and post them.
    Oh BTW Manxmom the general consensus is that your RH effort is GRRRRREAT (to quote one of the wounded Warriors, a BIG fan of Tony The Tiger, Haha; in fact, that's his nickname!. Haha). And in fact I concur; (details will be forthcoming).

    Glad you're here Manxcatmom,
    and you too GM.

    Hugs from The Warriors

  44. Hi, manxcatmom again, having trouble posting. This is another test run.

  45. Have I got it right again? Thanks, Gailmaria, for letting me know I'm not the only one having trouble with the "create a blog" issue! Thank you for the explanation, and for steering me toward ladykate's site for further info on what's going on with BBCA. Hopefully this post will get through, and not evaporate like the last (lengthy) one I tried to send.

    My goodness, Pokey, I had no idea my foolish little re-write was going to be read by so many people! I thought it was going to be just you and a few people you work with. I'm flattered, especially to know that the general response has been positive. I look forward to the comments! And the criticisms, bring them on--as much as they hurt, one learns more from them! My husband and I had a good laugh this morning when I saw your post. He teased me, "There, you've got an audience! Are you happy now?" And I have to admit, yes. :)

    Has anyone else been following the series on Masterpiece Classic, "Downton Abbey"? A very good and absorbing story, and one of our Sherwood gang is in it. Joanne Froggatt plays a housemaid named Anna. In this role she is charming and likable, unlike our much-maligned Kate, and I'm rooting for her and her potential love interest, Mr. Bates, played by Brendan Coyle. Many of you will remember him as Nicholas Higgins from "North and South." Two actors who were on the same set as our delectable Richard A.! Some people have all the luck.

    Anyway, it's good to be back in touch with all you RH fans! MCM

  46. Greetings Manxmom

    Yes indeed, your little story is quite popular!

    (Don't worry about BBCA: They are quite flattered that fans have such an interest in one of (or more than one) of their programs. As long as it is not distributed for profit, they have NO problem with it.) So yes, you do have an audience, (an international one at that.) Isn't the world wide web a hoot!? Haha; "Instant Karma" (to quote another notable Englishman: John Winston Lennon.)

    Keep practicing your posting both here and on the yuku site, and you'll be pro in no time. sometimes I have been restricted as to the size of the post myself, but then I just copy and paste into another post, (kind of like Professor Tolkien's necessity to publish his story in three parts, (due to the shortage of paper in postwar Britain), BUT, it got the job done, so not to worry.

    Now, as to Downtown Abbey: on the RH yuku site, under The Village you will find a "Downton Abbey" appreciation thread I believe. (I started one for the series "Leverage"; since it is Robin Hood in the 21st Century and translates The Legend very nicely I believe.) Also, Masterpiece Classic's web site has some nice stuff along with a running blog about the series.

    Good to have you back on board Manxmom, and please do tell any of our old posters to come visit on both of these sites.

    We have more than just one CFH now.


  47. OOps....

    Sorry there Manxmom,

    It's the thread called "Beyond Sherwood" and the "Kate In Downton Abbey" post section.


  48. Wstring1........

    I had the same experience with a short-story verison of a book I will EVENTUALLY finish -- about a girl in Calico (Ghost Town State Historic Park and campground) [in San Bernardino County, CA] during its "heyday".

    I've ALWAYS been a bookworm, and during my teens started writing a few historical fiction stories, but then I lost interest and later threw those few pages out.

    Later, after a few times of staying in Calico's campground, and enjoying wandering the ghost town's streets, I decided to write a story about a girl coming to the town (supposedly to live with her uncle, but he has died, so she establishes herself as a singer in Diamond Lil's Saloon (that colorful woman WAS in Calico for a time in the 1880's).

    I was interweaving the various town's events into the plot with the characters I created, but my creative wind ended, so I "shelved" the story (I DO still have it - put away with other outlined plots I will in the future fill in).

    Anyway, while working at the AAA, that company started a Creative Writers booklet, and asked for entries. I entered my shortened version of "Calico Sally"....not knowing if it would even get printed. Imagine my surprise when i made the FIRST issue !

    I not only got compiments for my story and writing style from my co-workers (including our branch mgr.), but I was getting complmentary notes in our inter-company mail from other So. Calif. branch offices. I kept all of them, along with a copy of the book page -- and when the Main Office found out I am eventually going to publish it as a complete book, offered and then sent me the original artwork of the dreamy-looking "Gibson Girl" they'd had at the top of my first page of story. It fit the story perfectly, and I WILL use it for the book cover.

  49. To clarify a few things in my paragraph.......I was camping with my parents; "Sally's" uncle was a miner; she works for "Lil" as a cultured singer with a guitar (if I remember right) given to her by a cute young miner she meets (and later marries).....she is NOT a saloon girl.

  50. Manx here, another one of my test runs. Eventually I'll get this sequence right. Sorry, slow learner!

  51. Okay, back in business. I'll try to answer you, Pokeygirl and Gailmaria, for the third time this morning! This time I'm writing down how to post on this site, so my posts don't keep disappearing.

    Pokey, I found the thread on the yuku site, thanks! And thank you, too, for the encouragement on my literary efforts! I've been having fun reading other fan fiction on various sites, mostly short stories, but some longer works as well.

    Gailmaria51, congratulations on your published work, and my best wishes that you will eventually get it published as a whole book! Isn't it exciting to see something you've written in print?

    We had a few published writers on our BBCA board as I recall, and others who dreamed of getting published, or who wrote as a hobby. Gizzy was my inspiration, along with my mother, who asked me, as I was working on the re-write, "is this going to be another one of your half-finished projects?" in her best smirky tone of voice. Nothing like a little motivation! manxcatmom

  52. Hey there Manxmom,

    No matter it's source, motivation is the fuel of ambition and creativity. The best efforts in any field were spurred on by negative motivation. The Warriors experience this every day, ("you may/can't expect to walk/sit/run/functions as you once did" etc,....etc,...) they know they will have some limitations as they go forward,

    forward they will go. Due to the RH yuku, our old BBCA Chat Forum, Hoodwinked, Bold Outlaw, and even this site, some of the aspiring writers amongst them;
    (and even a few who are inspired to even tell their stories but who lack the literary or language skills, so have the fellow warriors do it for them)
    now have a forum through which they can express themselves AND just like you GM and Manxmom,

    Have an audience; even an international one. It's been WONDERFUL for their healing process, and I imagine that more than a few of our old and newer posters have pursued their literary/ writing projects motivated by the old fashioned need to get that proverbial "something off their chests". (Ever wonder just where THAT one came from?....maybe one of us could google that and see what you come up with?)

    So, my fellow RH fans,

    Keep right on truckn' and writin. It will be WELL the effort, (not too mention down right fun and educational for the rest of us to read);

    Your audience/fans await you...


  53. Hi Pokey, you're right! Motivation, in whatever form it takes!

    Hmm, perhaps the writers/producers of BBC RH did us a favor, in a roundabout, weird sort of way, by giving us such an awful ending to the series. We just HAD to fix it. We were driven to create a happier ending for our beloved characters! Negative motivation, but it worked!
    I yanked poor Gizzy back from the brink, and many others have written their own alternate endings, with some fantastic twists and turns.

    There's a little bit of writer and storyteller in all of us, I think. It's a safe way to work out strong emotions. You can live vicariously through your characters. Perhaps that's the appeal of acting for some. I seem to remember RA saying something about that in an interview, that it was fun to play a character like Guy because he got to act in a way that he couldn't do in real life. Negative example, perhaps, but the idea of getting inside someone else's head and trying to understand them works for me.

    It's great therapy, I agree.

  54. Actually, negativity doesn't work that way with me........I'm like Lucille Ball. I once saw an old film clip of her on some talk show, and she was telling about how the studio heads were always yelling about this and that regarding how she was running her show.

    The host said to her, "So that motivated you to keep improving ?" and she replied, "No, it doesn't work that way with me." And I got the idea, from the seriously quiet way she said it, that she'd been really hurt inside by their complaints/insults.

    After years of hearing my mother criticize me for nearly everything (very insecure people tend to expect perfection in everyone), it took me some time of thinkng over what I WAS capable of doing before I started to have confidence because I realized how wrong she was about a LOT of things.

  55. Hi gailmaria, I'm sorry you had such a difficult time with your mother. Motivation is one thing, insults and unjustified criticism are another. My mom could be critical at times, but it wasn't constant. She raised a bunch of strong-willed and stubborn kids! My sister and I laugh now at "the things Mom said", and Mom does, too. We get along fine now, most of the time :)

    Actually, I meant my comment of her nagging me about half-finished projects in a joking way. But it did move me to finish the story. I was sending her chapters as I finished them, and she kept yelling for more! She wanted to know how the story was going to end, specifically, what was going to happen to Guy. It got me through some serious writer's block! I needed that little push, that challenge, if you will. Like Pokeygirl's patients who push themselves to do things that they might not feel capable of at first.

    But I understand what you mean. Constant negative criticism can do a number on your self-esteem. I'm glad to hear that you have worked to overcome it, and recognize where she was wrong. My husband and I both have had our struggles over the years, him more than me, from being raised in a sometimes negative environment. It helps that we can relate to and understand each other. MCM

  56. Hi, Manxcatmom here---anyone out there hanging out on this site? Pokeygirl asked me to send her greetings and those of her "warriors"! Hopefully we'll have some activity over here again in the future.

  57. Hey there Manxmom,

    Just wanted to give a Shout Out to you so you, (and all others of our on line RH Community); that we ARE still "in business", on this site.

    Some (and I'm told that in some cases, ALL of my postings did not register on this site(,,
    I will be correcting that one before the Spring is out. This will include the Looooooooooong over due reviews of the Robin Hood film,: (collective from and including The Warriors abroad and still in field serving),
    the last 5 RH history related books we :(The Guys, the Vet Staff, and little old me);
    So DO keep on checking in on this site as it is THE site to discuss the various pieces of literature, (both scholarly and historic fiction), related to our beloved forest outlaw and the lasting legacy he and all those who followed him, left to all of us.

    Long Live The Legend
    Hugs From The Warriors
    Patricia "Pokeygirl" Panora

  58. Hi Pokeygirl/Patricia, and Company, I'm glad to hear this site is "still in business"!

    I admit I haven't seen the "Robin Hood" film, but I do have this urge to read "Sherwood" and "Robin and the King" again. I may try ordering them online again (the first time, they were on backorder for so long that I finally cancelled my order--could their popularity be due to the movie and/or our BBC show?)

    Looking forward to your reviews of the film and RH books! ----Manx

  59. Hi Manxmom,

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that were the case about those two books:

    With the current popularity not only of our beloved BBCA's RH,
    but also:

    the ongoing attention being given to Sir Ridley's RH film,

    the current release of "Camelot" (Showtime Cable); with Joseph Fiennes, ("Shakespeare in Love"), as one heck of a Merlin,

    the conclusion of BBC/Syfy Cable's "Merlin"; (which has the story finally coming into Prince Arthur making his claim as the legitimate heir to Camelot's throne, as opposed to his sister, Morgana's claim, (apparently, in this version, she was Uther's illegitimate daughter by the widow of an old friend and fellow nobelman),

    Showtime Cable's April 23rd release of "Game of Thrones", (which is England's War of The Roses, in all but name). One of our RH alumni, Harry Lloyd is cast as re-interpretation of England's Edward I, (King John's grandson, the historical Longshanks of "Braveheart" fame), in all his murderous, psycho-patholigical glory.,

    BBCA's re-airing of Showtime's "The Tudors",

    and last but not least, Showtime's latest production, "The Borgias", with another RH alumni, Holiday Grainger, (our Sir Guy's wonderful Meg), cast as none other than....Lucretia Borgia:

    Don't be surprised that when Sir Ridley's next RH film goes into production, SOMEONE (on another cable network), just might get a whiff of potential profit, and be casting their eye upon a certain BBCA Family drama based upon the legend of Robin Hood?.....


  60. Hi Pokeygirl! I'm posting this message in the hope that it gets to you. SanPedroGirl on the yuku site says she's been trying to reach you here and through e-mail, and somehow hasn't been able. I told her I'd try here to see what happens--is it her computer or a glitch on this site? Well, here goes....

  61. Hmm, it worked for me okay. Must be a problem at her end--she thought she might have a computer problem. If she contacts you before you get this message, just ignore this!

    P.S. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't seen any of the shows you mentioned in your last post! Haven't been watching all that much TV lately--too busy writing rubbish for fanfiction--LOL!But thanks for the update on what's cooking in historical (even loosely interpreted history) British drama. ---Manx

  62. Hey there Manxmom,

    The only reason I'm so aquainted with these various (and yes, VERY loosely interpreted, LOL), historical/fictional dramas, is via The Warriors, (AND of course), my kids, and GCs (grand kiddies). Its all been generously recorded for me to see when I get the chance as well.

    Will have to contact SP Gal there and let her know that yes indeed, I AM actually alive and well, (if buried temporarily under a few miles of processing paperwork; we had over TWO hundred newbies, not the 100 or so we had been expecting as it turned out...Whew!!). The Vet Center is now able to hold and process triple the number of vets than previously, and of course, the numbers we handle in the international venues:
    (including our wonderful UK, Canadian, French, Aussie, and yes, even a few "Kiwi"/NZ) ALL of them our true heroes and 21st Century "Lion Hearts".),
    are also increased accordingly. It all makes for a VERY busy time for me and my staff. But as always, these incredible soldiers are worth EVERY bit of the effort.

    BTW there Manxmom, YOUR writings are VERY popular in this/these hospitals, AND in the field; so they are most definitely NOT rubbish, (IMHO, you have a great way of conveying emotion and still producing a well written tale that makes you think as well as feel. Keep up the good work.


  63. I think I figured out what I's been awhile since using my Google account. I had to refresh my password memory