Saturday, December 5, 2009

Introduce Yourself

Let's get to know one another.  Please do not share street addresses, but e-mail addresses are welcome.


  1. Hi, I thought it might be nice to get to know each other a bit. Please don't share real names or addresses.

    I'm "swansong". I am a music teacher for Jr. and Sr. High choirs in a small town in Wisconsin. I mostly listen to classical music. Favorite singers are Andrea Bocelli and Charlotte Church. I also love some classic pop/rock/jazz singers like the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Simon and Garfunke, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Nat and Natalie Cole. I am not impressed with most other current pop or country. I have a husband and three married children. I became a Robin Hood fan through a crush on Richard Armitage, but quickly switched to a Jonas Armstrong fan in the first episode.

  2. Hi, I'm Maryrose from California. I am a bookseller for a bookstore, and hopefully author someday. I have a passion for history, especially for the medieval period, therefore my love of Robin Hood blends in very well. I have been on Team Leather since the beginning.

  3. I'm gailmaria51, from San Pedro (down on Los Angeles's harbor), a clerical worker for a company that does the paperwork for Workers' Compensation insurance company lawyers (in other words, the Subpoena(s) and accompanying paperwork used in lawsuits to obtain re-embursement for money paid out by employees injured on the job.)

    I'm also working (at home) towards an upscale womens clothing / design company.

    I have many hobbies, reading, music (singing, guitar, maybe again sometime, piano), amateur astronomy, photography, traveling, a passion for REALLY GOOD films/TV shows and finding incredible new actors to be a fan of - like our RH cast - , sewing/designing clothing; what have I forgotten ?!! ...

    I eventualy want a home in Tennessee (that state is SO green and pretty, and I WILL have my small home someday in Ireland (my longing to see/explore that beautiful country - & Scotland / Britain will drive me towards that goal. I'll keep this home as secondary, I have too many fanily members, school friends, and church friends here to leave totally.

  4. Hi Im robin-redneck from Alabama. I am a college freshman, I love to read and to sing and play the piano. I became a Robin Hood fan when i was looking for something to watch while decorating our christmas tree, and saw Jonas and immediately fell in love. Ive always been interested in history (except in school cause its just a bunch of dates)and Robin Hood kinda helped with that.

  5. Hello Everyone! My name is Lady Amalthea. I live in New York. I've always been a Robin Hood fan, but I got hooked on the BBC version when I saw Jonas and I haven't missed an episode since then.

  6. Hi, I'm evil_urges and I'm a robin hood addict. I guess it really started when I was a kid and the robin hood disney version came out. My mom bought me the record/storybook (yes, the vinyl kind). I pretty much wore it out and that's when I became hooked. I'm in the Bluegrass state (KY) and love this version of Robin Hood. I didn't have BBCA b/c it's on a differnt package through my cable company. So, of course after watching the first two season through netflix, I made sure I had the package w/ BBCA.

  7. Hi folks,

    I'm Pokeygirl,
    (One day I'll let you know just where my on screen moniker came from, A Clue?....its not where you think. If anyone can remember a little stop-motion cartoon about a little boy who was a stick of gum......?)

    I hail from the Long Beach area (not too far at all from gailmaria's LA Harbor, and SoCal's , Pasadena/San Marino, (if I remember correctly) and I think our "beautiful" dreamer comes from around The OC?)At any rate, we're all pretty close together here.

    I'm in the field of PTSD counseling and I work with many civilian agencies who aid and assist our brave veterans as they come home and begin to rebuild their lives.

    I'm a nut for historical fiction (or accademic research) whether it exists in book form, on line, film, art, or music. I've long been in love with the study of legends, and have a particular fascination for those of good old Mother England. Just about all of mine and my husband's ancestrial blood lines hail from that "Sceptered Isle" and or from Italy and yes, even The Holy Land.

    I started my interest in the BBC Robin Hood television series as a following to one of my favorite British actors, Richard Armitage. I couldn't wait to see him as "full-out" villian, and of course, Robin Hood has always been something of a hobby, so it "dove-tailed" nicely. Been a member of BOTH camps (Team Leather AND Team Lockley (Robin and Marian), but NOW, solidly on Team Outlaw. But for me, the true signifigance of this series began to manifest itself when "The Guys" began to use it as a vehicle for their therapy sessions and it became VERY apparent that THIS latest incarnation of Robin Hood was actually meant as an allegory for our currrent conflict in Persia and The Middle East.

    Solidly hooked on this now, and most honored to be a part of this unique and wonderful on line family.

    So glad to be here with ALL of you!


  8. Hi everyone! I'm Laure from Washington State. I'm back at school after more than a decade away, an illustration major. Actually, I do just about anything creative, writing fiction (mostly romance), sculpting, painting, drawing. Other interests include: reading everything I can get my hands on, animals -- raise havanese dogs -- pro wrestling, country music and all things Irish.

    I love a good story, be it tv, books or through art. I'm a history buff as well, though my main interest is Irish history and legend, Robin Hood has always sparked an interest since I first saw the Disney cartoon version as a kid. I at first resisted watching the tv show, unsure how a young, pretty Robin would work, but when I gave in, fell head over heels. Was a Robin girl, though this last season made me appreciate the leather-clad scoundrel, now proudly Team Outlaw. :)

  9. Hello, I'm Hoodfan18, some of you may know me from the bbca boards, if not, i am strictly FOR the outlaws. I volonteer in a pet store in New york, and i love animals as well as RH. I got hooked on RH from my sister, and my best friend now officailly no longer likes RH. I am a HUGE Allan A Dale/Joe Armstrong fan, and i write on, my screen name is CaptainDjaq, (huge Saffiya/Will fan as well) my email address is, (LOL.) I am 13 so so take it easy on me.

  10. Hello My name is Rollergirl41. I live in Waterford, PA a small town 20 min from Erie.
    I have been a RH fan since Robin of Sherwood in the 80's I was not sure if I would like the BBC version but the fist time I saw that Tall Dark Handsome, Hunk in Leather Sir Guy of Gisborne ie Richard Armitage I was hooked. I have all 3 series on DVD I DVRed this past season and I refuse to deleat it!!!
    I even bought all six RH audio stories. especialy to hear RA sexy voice.
    see you around the camp fire.

  11. Hi Everyone I'm Mcduffy and I'm from Rockland, Ma (just about 20min south of Boston). I'm a social worker for the state and spend some free time volunteering locally. I've been a RH fan since the first episode and later discovered the BBCA discussion board and "met" many of you! I was firmly on Team Leather but whole-heartedly joined Team Outlaw. Since the series had ended I didn't want to lose contact with the many fine people I've chatted with!

  12. My name is Adam. I'm posting in here because I see a lot of Robin Hood fans. I'm in the process of finishing a novel about Robin Hood. It's a different take on the character than before. Much different. The setting is the same but the character dynamics are different. In short, I've tried to set him in the role he would have really had as a Yeoman and create a backstory that explains why he does what he does for more selfish reasons. I'm pretty far along and I will only have it posted as a blog until I'm done with the rewrites and then it's off to the publisher. If you're interested in reading it I should point out that the violence can get over the top. I pull no punches when it comes to the barbarity that sometimes happened in those days. It's not for everybody but the readers I have tend to like it. If the moderator could tell me where to post the link, that would be great.

  13. Greetings Adam!

    So good to hear from another Robin Hood enthusiast.

    I will look forward to your contribution to The Legend with great anticipation.

    You will join some of your fellow dwellers in our CFH (Cyber Forest Home) as a few of them have written either poems or all out scripts and narratives, either based upon the BBCA RH television series, or on history and their own perceptions of that time period.

    We have been actively reading and commenting on the many wonderful published books dealing with the Robin Legend and/or the various time periods dealing with The Legend. From the sound of your soon to be contribution, you would enjoy one of our favorite authors, Parke Godwin. He has written a great series of books about a Robin Hood who was born into a land owning, middle class Saxon family at the time of the Norman Conquest. Its set about 100 years before the more traditional setting of The Legend, (the late 12th century), He is christened Edward Aelredson, (but his mother has always called him "puck Robin"; referring to his penchant for getting himself into trouble!Haha). The first book is titled "Sherwood", the second in the series is called "Robin And The King" and follows Robin as he is called into the service of Duke William of Normandy, (William I AKA.,..William The Bastard) and how the throne passed on to his son, William Rufus, and then on to Henry I. There is also a "pre-quel","Lord of Sunset" dealing with situations and family intrigues that lead to Harold of Wessex being crowned King Harold of The English, literally on the eve of Hastings. Both of these books are just as you have described your narrative; not at all short on the gore and blood that was so prevalent during that time period.

    Looking foward to reading YOUR story Adam!
    and welcome to Team Outlaw.

  14. Welcome Adam! You could try posting the link here and I could add it to our favorite links sidebar. We'd love to read your work.

  15. Another option is to click on swansong below "Contributors" and e-mail me the link.


    The blog itself has a few of my writings and a screenplay I've finished. Only the 'Seven Arrows' is Robin Hood related. The chapters are episodic. I've got a planned 30 chapters and 24 are posted. The chapters are all quick reads something that my readers have praised in this day of tweets and updates. I hope you enjoy the tales of my Robin Hood.

    I should note, the name Robin Hood is mentioned only a few times in the narrative. It's obvious who he is but like many outlaws, this version has many monikers.

  17. Also, feel free to like the blog on facebook and be added to the fanpage.

  18. Hi Adam,

    Have had a chance to quick read some of the Seven Arrows material and share a bit with The Sherwood Warriors. (These are the veterans from both sides of The Pond that have returned from the recent conflicts in Persia and "The Stan"; as they call it. I work with them and together we have read many story about The Legend and the literature it has inspired.)

    We like what we've seen so far and can't wait to delve into the story in more detail.

    I would also recommend the works of Sharon K. Penman and her great series on the Plantengenet Clan's rule over England, (the royal family group who held power, however precariously, in the time period you cover in your narrative.) Also, Steven R. Lawhead's King Raven Series, although set in Wales, presuposes that there were many an outlaw who served the function of a Robin Hood and may have indeed started The Legend in the first place.

    I am very impressed with the way you have woven The Legend into the background of YOUR narrative and illustrate in some well researched detail, how it just might have affected the outcome of history.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your story at greater ease.

    PS/ Hope your Thanksgiving was grand.

  19. I have avoided reading Robin Hood narratives so as to prevent my story from being a shadow, rather conciously or subconciously, of another story. If you have any suggestions, especially regarding my dialogue which I feel could be antiquated quite a bit, feel free to email me or leave a comment.

    I've take a very liberal approach to the characters and hope that people like how I used that to weave a more personal story.

  20. I'm not sure if any of you have had a chance to read the blog but fret not... it will soon be available for order at your local bookstore. Here's the lulu page. However, it will be available worldwide for order through other outlets hopefully by the end of February.

    It's not a long novel but it tells a big story.