Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thread request.

If you have a subject you would like to start as a thread or a link to share, send it to Pokeygirl or Swansong for us to review and post.


  1. Hi folks,

    Just a thought that next month, (sometime while we are working on our posts for "Lord Of Sunset", I'll be working on a new thread:

    The Real Robin Hood.

    This thread will be in answer to all of the requests about what the original direction the storyline was set to go towards a S4, (and beyond).

    Yes, folks, we'll connects those dots and a whole lot more. (We might even uncover the bare bones beginnings of another and all together different series, based upon The Legend.)

    See you in 2010 folks.


  2. Hi Pokeygirl - I can't wait for you to start filling us in on all the happenings :)

  3. I printed out my tread 4 word Rh story from the other board here is what we have so far
    Let the games begin.

    Marian opened her eyes
    Robin opened his eyes
    My love..... you're alive!

  4. Hi princessnatlaie,

    Not a bad beginning for a story line, now how about elaborating? (What happens next?)

    If you want to, I would suggest you look up an old thread on our old RH BBC Forum, called "Our RH Characters in the 20th and 21st Centuries" for some good suggestions. ( It was a VERY fun thread and got all of our creative juices flowing.) If you can't find it pm me at the old foum and I'll do my best to see if I can dig it up. I think its back on page 20 or something?


  5. That is where I got it from. this was not my story. I just copied it from the previous site.

  6. now back to the story

    "I just had the strangest dream

    (I know this is more than 4 words but since I started this thread I decided you can have as many words to complete your sentence.)