Saturday, December 5, 2009

Other Robin Hood Movies

List or discuss other Robin Hood movies here.


  1. Thought I'd start this thread off with a version of RH I saw the other day.
    I DVR'ed Robin Hood from 1991 when it was on tv a while back. It was alright, a little dull at some points. Uma Thurman plays a practically pre-pubescent Marian who at one point disguises herself as a boy and joins Robin's gang. The age differnce between Robin and Marian in this one made me feel a little uncomfortable, Robin seems about 40, Marian about 13. Not unheard of in the day, but weird to present to a modern audience, especially with all the blatant 'So... I was deflowered by Robin Hood' references Marian makes. They also had a battle of the suitors theme going over Marian, but Sir Miles is no where near as interesting as Sir Guy.
    I did love that they used broad swords instead of foils like the Errol Flynn version. They have a nice, satisfying "clang".
    I had never heard of this before, I'd give it a 6-7. Anyone else seen it?

  2. Yes, I saw that last summer. I liked how she disguised herself as a boy as she did in some of the R.H. books. Overall though, I would agree with your rating.

  3. I saw that version too, but I wasn't too crazy about it. I love the Errol Flynn version though. I grew up on that version of Robin Hood.

  4. I love Errol Flynn; he de Havilland, and Rathbone also were fantastic in Captain Blood. They were a great team. Apparently Rathbone liked to remind Flynn that even though he got to win all their on camera fights, Rathbone was a much better swordfighter and could easily take him down in real life.
    Of course, I have a few things to say about their costumes as well. Jonas' costume was much better than Flynn's weird Peter Pan styled tights and tunic.

  5. Ya Flynn's costume was a little Peter Pan-ish.
    Flynn, Rathbone and Havilland were all great in it (and Captain Blood too.) I def prefer Jonas' costume much better.

    I believe the Sci Fy channel is airing "Beyond Sherwood Forest" again on Dec 27th. I didn't see it the first time around so I'm hoping they play it. I just want to see what it was all about.

    I don't think that it could beat our BBC version though.

  6. Basil's swordfight with Tyrone Power in "TM of Zorro" is second only to Basil and Errol's. Great staging and the flashing of blades in both films.

    Of course, only RH2006 has our well-beloved cheeky chappie. "Nuff said.

  7. I caught part of "Beyond Sherwood Forest" this afternoon on Syfy (the new spelling of the channel annoys me). At first seemed perfectly nice. Their Robin even looked a bit like ours. Nothing out of the ordinary, Robin vs. Sheriff. I think Keith Allen may have ruined the role for any other sheriff, lol. Such personality.

    Then suddenly there was a dragon. Not even a particularly large or impressive dragon, swooping in through some sort of blue portal and to me, most of the interest was lost. *shrug* It seemed to fall quickly into typical bad sci-fi movie and my attention just wandered off.

  8. Plainjane - if you want to see "flashing swords", catch "The Mask of Zorro" with Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones (if you haven't already) ....... there are a lot of good sword-fights in that; Antonio does his own fighting (he learned in Spain from the sword-master who years later was also on the "Zorro" set). In fact, he's so good at it that the stunt guys stood in for him on only the most dangerous stunts/sword fights - they said Antonio is better with a sword than the stunt guys were.

    And speaking of "flashing swords" - during one of the fights outside, when the "bad guy" challenged Antonio's character, he takes his sword out of its sheath (Antionio realized that as he was taking it out, the sun was shining off it, making it look really good on camera - so he practiced taking it out slowly so the sun WOULD deliberately gleam off it - and he did that on every take they did of that scene; it DID add something extra to the scene).

  9. GM, I loved Antonio as Zorro. He really did seem to know how to use his sword. Adding sparkle to the blade, brilliant!

  10. I am realy having problems keeping this post to stick I am always losing it.
    I like the movie Princess of Thieves, it stars Keira Knightly as RH's daughter who helps her father help King Richard's son Prince Philip gain the throne from Prince John.
    Malcolm McDowell is the sheriff he is no Keith Alan but our Keith can't be in everything.
    I always though this would be a good story someone from the future or knows the future going to Robin and helps guide him towards his future.

  11. I would also start a disussion on Robin of Sherwood and Robin Hood.
    Robin of Sherwood was a series that aired in the 1980's staring first Michel Praed of Dynasty as Robin of Loxley and then Jason Connery as Robert the future Earl of Huntington
    When the sheriff Nickolas Grace murders Robin's father who is leading a rebelion as Normon soldiers are burning down Loxley.
    This series as real history, with magic and mysticism.
    Some years later the god Herne's the Hunter calls Robin to be "his son and do his bidding."
    there are alot of similaries with the two shows
    Loxley village, Earl of Hunnington even the village of Clun is where the Earl of Clun kidnaps Marian to become his wife (this is after her husband Robin is killed a year before)and Robert of Hunnington is called to be Herne's son and rescures her.
    There is too much for one post so I will start with our hero Robin
    I can't say who is my favorite:
    Michael placed the commoner well
    and Jason played the noble who gave it up for the love of Marian
    Jonas played the noble well also who gave up everyting and lost his love for England.
    I definately love our Guy played by RA.
    more then Robert Addle although Guy has to lose Robin of Sherwoods Guy is such a baffone he can't do anyting right besides RA in leather and that sadistic smile can I faint now.
    I would like to know your thoughts